Hello! We’re glad to share with you our passion for a healthy life well lived

Friends, sisters and now business partners, we both come from a corporate past. We childhood up together, we grew up together and it seems that we continue together. My passion for a healthy lifestyle began in a turbulent time, both for me and for my sister Roxana. I worked hard from morning to night in a bank holding a management position in a branch, working every day with clients and I was overloaded in tasks. I was starting to have health problems, I felt tired, asleep, exhausted and generally without energy. At the same time, I started to gain weight, I started to dislike anything and I went from doctor to doctor until I discovered in 2012 that I had problems with the thyroid gland, I mention that I was a performance gymnast for 10 years and I didn't know where the thyroid gland was. I started to document myself, to search, to read, I read a lot every day after work about how to do well on my own, without taking the pills that the doctors prescribed for me “for life", I actually refused the synthetic drugs, I set out to do well on my own, said and done, through food and thought. At each check-up I was getting better and better, the doctors tacitly stated to continue as I know, that I do well what I do. Starting to read a lot about gluten-free / dairy-free / sugar-free diet, so slowly I laid the foundations of an extremely rigorous diet, so I attracted the business in my life on an emotional level, wanting very much to change my life professional but also emotional. During this time, Roxana was going through equally demanding moments, she also held a management position in a multinational company that refurbished hydropower plants, was in a job change and was intensely looking for a new job. I had a revelation, a dream, we can even say a dream. Both Roxana and I felt that what we were doing in the corporation no longer defined or fulfilled us. One evening I said to Roxana, “Roxy, aren't we doing something with these seeds that have restored my health and well-being?" Honestly, Roxana's first answer was: “how, what… no way .. but we don't know anything about what a bistro is, especially on the specific, raw & vegan", but we insisted on doing something together, anything but together. The answer was “let's do something small, we have nothing to lose but a few pennies" which we were willing to beat at the opening of the bistro. In 2015, with crazy courage, we actually both jumped into the ocean of entrepreneurship, opening a niche business, a business in which we were not given any chance, we were told that if you want to open on the Romanian market in 2015 something without meat / without dairy / without sugar, it was something crazy, unbelievable.

What was the first step?

Like all beginnings considering that our contact with the Horeca industry was just going to the restaurant …… we threw ourselves into the ocean and learned to swim on our own.Considering that I was looking for a job, I said stop searching and started looking for a space in the area where we live Cismigiu Park, central area, here we grew up and here we both wanted to build our small business. I quickly found a small space of 16 square meters and in a month I opened it. Given that I worked for 11 years in several departments from financial assistant to commercial director, this background helped me a lot from opening a company, to being orderly, conscientious to negotiating contracts and many other skills.I quickly created a site with a friend and that's how it all started and the pictures dishes were made also by a friend.After a month we realized that the space we were in was too small, obviously the lack of experience immediately spoke for itself and then we moved to a space of almost 30 square meters, believe me 14 square meters extra is a lot.

What are the first challenges a young entrepreneur faces when opening such a business?

First of all, bureaucracy. Nothing is easy and the entire Romanian legal and financial system does not seem to encourage new beginnings, especially when your wallet is restricted and you do not have access to business consulting in the Horeca field. I didn't know where to start, what kind of documents we need, authorizations, what it means to start hiring yourself, to join the employer and to pay a salary. Not to mention all the steps you have to take to have a functional, up-to-date kitchen. The first challenges were those related to authorizations, I found it difficult to find information on the internet, because you no longer understand anything in the sense that theory is theory, practice kills you. Then came the supply challenges, real estimates of financial plans, fortunately we both had a background in finance and quickly understood the numbers. My sister, Vilarina was always by my side, we consulted non-stop in any decision that had to be made, she was still working in the bank not having the right time to plan her resignation, and every day after the program she came to Bistro where she worked with me until late in the evening. It was not easy at all, our whole life was changed, we dedicate every second to the new business.Of course, like any entrepreneur, at the beginning, you don't have a salary, you work a lot overtime, weekends and you try to use all your own resources more and more until you manage to stabilize the company. In the evening we went home and for a long time we worked until 2:00 at night to better understand this industry.Our family supported us morally and with an active presence. For example, our retired father took care of the deliveries, while I learned to cook.After 1 and a half years in which we didn't pay at all, here you have to have a very well developed emotional system so as not to lower your self-esteem and it's time for Vilarina to leave her career in the bank for good, the bistro has started to grow and that's how we managed to create our own salaries.We built a niche business and it was obviously hard to find people who wanted to eat vegan and raw dishes. In fact, they changed their lives for the better by switching to a different level of nutrition. Only today we can say, after almost 6 years of activity, that we have built a base of constant and long-term clients, thanks to them but also to us, being a beautiful community, we arrived here. All their daily praises, encouraged us to move on, all the diet tips for the thyroid gland reached our customers, here finding that many people have thyroid disease or diabetes and through raw and vegan food customers and- they improved and changed lives for the better.

How we manage to overcome all the obstacles?

Probably all entrepreneurs talk about the fact that you have to have a strong personality so that you don't fall down in the first months when you don't know what you will pay your employees with, so we will continue to support this cliché. Of course, I overcame them with a strong personality and a crazy desire to get things done. I learned so much in my own business that I didn't both learn in all the years of my corporate career. We are involved in all aspects of the company, from accounting, procurement, documentation, pricing, customer relations, product creation, private corporate events, birthdays, special occasions, catering for events or part of communication and advertising, marketing, delivery to table service because the most important thing in a business is your relationship with the customer. An entrepreneur will overcome any challenge as long as he is involved in solving it and will not postpone his responsibilities. It is important to know your business very well because there will be a time when you will not be involved on all levels and then it is good to know what know how you will pass on to your employees.

Where you can find us and what you can consume from us?

Currently our bistro is digital – online it has been like since the beginning, in 2018 we moved to a space of 110 square meters, on Str Transilvaniei no. 11 near Cismigiu Park, so customers can order our dishes online, with delivery in all areas of Bucharest but can also visit us at our bistro near Cismigiu.We want to show those around us that health is not a series of restrictions, a diet or a detox program, but a tasty balance. It's simple: you eat healthy, you feel good, the energy you receive helps you to continue your daily plans with gusto.Unfortunately, when you want to make healthy choices, you have little choice. If you don't have time to cook, lunch at the office is often a compromise. We want to change that. We have weekly or monthly subscriptions that include lunch, spreads, dinner, juice and dessert and over 300 healthy dishes.Our menu is 95% gluten-free from spreads, soups, platters, main courses, cooked meals and our specialty, 100% gluten-free raw desserts, we are ready today to meet any request.We work with companies and provide catering services for their business events, important events in the lives of our clients: weddings, baptisms, birthdays.In the future we intend to continue what we do now, but with a greater capacity and workforce to find out about us all customers who need us, we like to do good, to bring joy to people's souls and health their life.All our dishes are cooked on the same day, because we like freshness, as my sister Roxana says: “a special taste with the smell of health".

A piece of advice that you would give to those who want to open a similar business today and that you would have liked to receive on the first day.

Get to know your customer first, then build the business around it. We started the other way around, we gave birth to the Bistro only then we started to see what kind of customers cross our threshold.

Until a month ago we were like logo the Bistro Raw & Vegan, but we expressly wanted to give our true identity and now after 6 years we are Vyro Raw & Vegan Bistro, with our initials, the registered trademark.

What satisfaction we have after 6 years of business?

After this continuous struggle to create and maintain this business that is actually our baby, I can say together with my sister Vilarina, that we have created beautiful friendships with many of our clients, some of them coming to my wedding, I learned that the most important thing is to find your purpose in life and what makes you happy every day.Through the food and cakes we create every day, we help people who need to eat healthy, we give them hope in regaining their health, the best example being Vilarina which has spectacular results …she it is declared with thyroid gland disease in remission due to vegan and raw food.There are many other satisfactions, in your own business you rediscover yourself, every day you have to be like a sucker in taking over the information and every day you have to perform for what will follow. We are in peace because we have clients who are extremely happy that we exist, we receive amazing messages from them, which anoint our souls, because of them our energy grows even more.In conclusion, we want to thank every client who crossed our threshold, who was with us step by step in our continuous development and who helped us to overcome the current pandemic with flying colors. People finally understood that “we are what we eat and think."

Virtual hugs!

Roxana Boghean & Vilarina Petre



Good food with a lot of diversity. Not too crowded and rather peacefull. Definitely a good experience!

Robert Onulov
Robert O.
10:04 07 Jun 22

We came in, saw the variety of vegan and raw food, cakes, soups, salads, meals, sauces, which was prepared in boxes and we were so amazing that we not only took 2 bags of food with us but also came back the next day and took three bags of food with us for the next days. If this wasn't our last day in Bucharest, I would come every week or every day. It is wonderful that you come in and already can see the ready prepared food so you can perfectly choose which you like. I loved the sushi on quinoa basis, the black rice, the salads - wow, the spring rolls, the taste of the soup, the vegan meat... All in all a great experience for a compared to western Europe very good price.

Stefan Fink
Stefan F.
14:57 25 May 22

Genial! Foarte de bun a fost tot ce-am mancat :). Crema de anghinare si chiftelutele marinate au fost excelente. Multumesc.(Translated by Google)Brilliant! Everything I ate was very good :). The artichoke cream and marinated meatballs were excellent. Thanks.

Gigi Catrina
Gigi C.
11:47 21 May 22

Azi am comandat pt.prima data de la ei și mâncarea a fost extraordinar de bună! Si desertul, excelent !Mulțumesc, Vyro Raw & Vegan!(Translated by Google)Today I ordered for the first time from them and the food was extraordinarily good! And dessert, great! Thanks, Vyro Raw & Vegan!

Aurelia Cobaschi
Aurelia C.
12:01 14 May 22

Acum o saptamana mi-am facut un abonament (meniu vegan fara gluten) . Mancarea este foarte buna, livrarea facuta la timp:). Voi mai comanda de aici. Recomand(Translated by Google)One week ago I made a subscription (gluten free vegan menu). The food is very good, delivery on time :). I'll order from here. recommend

11:12 13 May 22

Nice bistro and so much tasty 😋

Татьяна Верещак
Татьяна В.
11:30 12 May 22

Amazing vegan food by a family-run business, the food is all so delicious and healthy and the people the work here are angels! I rate it 11/10

Cameron Noble
Cameron N.
20:42 15 Apr 22

Mâncare senzațională, cele mai bune torturi vegane. Servire impecabilă. Personal de excepție! Recomandăm cu căldură!(Translated by Google)Sensational food, the best vegan cakes. Impeccable service. Exceptional staff! We warmly recommend!

Mihaela si Adrian ANDREI
Mihaela si Adrian A.
13:12 08 Apr 22

Macare foarte buna cu gust, oamenii stiu sa folosesaca condimentele. Imi comand in general abonamentul vegan de 5 zile, niciodata nu m-au dezamagit(Translated by Google)At least very good in taste, people know how to use spices. I usually order my 5 day vegan pass, they never let me down

Ruxandra Dosuleanu
Ruxandra D.
10:52 22 Mar 22

Recomand am fost foarte multumiți de tort este foarte delicios !!! Iar personalul este de nota 💯Seriozitate !!! Va mulțumim frumos

Rusu Livia Narcis Ionut
Rusu Livia Narcis I.

19:49 12 Mar 22

Mancare absolut delicioasa, doamnele sunt niste bombonici si ele, iar locul, foarte cochet si primitor; love it(Translated by Google)Absolutely delicious food, the ladies are also candy, and the place is very chic and welcoming; love it

Gabriela Răbuș
Gabriela R.
16:17 10 Mar 22

Foarte gustoasa mancarea.Servirea foarte atenta.(Translated by Google)Very tasty food.Very attentive service.

Vali Valentin
Vali V.
12:50 04 Mar 22

Delicios! ♥️Mulțumiri(Translated by Google)Delicious! ♥ ️Thanks

Bianca Lupu
Bianca L.
14:57 28 Feb 22

Superb falafelul cu tabule si sos de caju!Revin sigur. 😋(Translated by Google)Superb falafel with tables and cashew sauce!I'll be back for sure. ⁇

Irina Vornicu
Irina V.
12:43 23 Feb 22

Util(Translated by Google)Useful

Claudia Talianu
Claudia T.
07:54 20 Feb 22

I LOVE to eat here, everytime I come to Bucharest.So many options and everything I tried tasted delicious.The owner is very friendly and caring. The place is neat and cozy.I would definitely come back anytime.

Daria Ciubancan
Daria C.
09:12 17 Feb 22

Recomand cu încredere locația, atât pentru clienți cât și pentru lucrători, personal super amabil!(Translated by Google)I highly recommend the location, both for customers and employees, super friendly staff!

Sasori Gaara
Sasori G.
10:54 07 Feb 22

Mâncare excelentă, sănătoasă, o afacere de familie de succes!(Translated by Google)Excellent, healthy food, a successful family business!

Tepus Vlad
Tepus V.
16:00 19 Jan 22

The food was amazing and the service was great! Best vegan place around. Totally reccomended.

Fernando Alvarez
Fernando A.
08:00 16 Jan 22

Daca esti vegan sau pur si simplu satul de carne la toate felurile, mancare de aici este super gustoasa portii mai mult decat suficiente. Iar personalul e cireasa de pe tort(Translated by Google)If you are vegan or simply the meat village of all kinds, the food here is super tasty serving more than enough. And the staff is the icing on the cake

Ionut Balaban
Ionut B.
16:03 08 Jan 22

Great vegan place with good food and very nice owners. 👌 I will definitely come again!

08:26 05 Jan 22

Am cumparat pentru prima data de la Vyro si cu siguranta am sa revin! Mixul de torturi a fost delicios!

Adela Ştefan
Adela Ş.

08:41 25 Dec 21

Profesionalism, servicii de calitate și produse sănătoase.(Translated by Google)Professionalism, quality services and healthy products.

Radu Burea
Radu B.
17:38 24 Dec 21

Mâncarea foarte bună. Recomand oricui. Personal foarte amabil(Translated by Google)Very good food. I recommend it to anyone. Very friendly staff

Daci Danut
Daci D.
17:24 02 Dec 21

Mancare excelenta! Vibe ul din restaurant este foarte placut iar angajatii sunt de treaba.(Translated by Google)Excellent food! The vibe in the restaurant is very pleasant and the employees are nice.

Tia Pintilie
Tia P.
13:08 29 Nov 21

Amazing food and great service! The best veggie food subscription by far (a few months already rolling and I never got bored by the taste 😊).

Stănică Oana-Ștefania
Stănică O.

10:44 28 Oct 21

Un meniu incredibil de ingenios si gustos!

Corina Oteanu
Corina O.

18:28 05 Aug 21

Recomand! Mâncarea foarte gustoasa, sănătoasă, servirea cu multă amabilitate și oamenii prietenoși!

Andreea Neagu
Andreea N.

17:44 17 Jul 21

O alegere buna pentru oricine doreste sa faca o schimbare buna in alimentatie si stil de viata. Mancarea e senzationala si oamenii de acolo au o energie frumoasa. 😊

Ionut Codreanu
Ionut C.

12:33 31 May 21

Recomand acest restaurant pentru mancarea sanatoasa si gustoasa pe care o livreaza zilnic cu profesionalism. Chiar si cand sunt mici scapari (de ex. o portie in minus), se recompenseaza intotdeauna. Torturile si dulciurile lor sunt toate delicioase, o varianta excelenta de desert insa nu oricare, ci unul sanatos!P.S. Meniul de Paste a fost excelent! Singura observatie/rugaminte pe care as face-o e ca pe viitor cand veti mai pune ardei iute murat la portia de sarmale, sa nu mai fie direct pe mamaliga sau sarmale, ci in recipient separat pentru a putea manca si copii!!

Alice Popescu
Alice P.

12:52 03 May 21

All the food is so delicious! Thank you for the amazing dishes! 💚

Alina Lungu
Alina L.

14:34 26 Apr 21

Cea mai sănătoasă varianta de prânz la birou(cel putin pt mine) si mancarea este absolut delicioasă🤤Cel mai mult ma încântă ca pot plasa comanda oricand(pentru mine este la indemana seara dupa ce culc copii, asa am timp sa ma gandesc in voie la ce vreau sa mananc a doua zi 😎)

Livia Trofin-Mîniosu
Livia T.

20:27 17 Apr 21

Recomand cu drag! Gust, calitate, profesionalism!

Cristina Crys
Cristina C.

12:12 01 Apr 21

Cel mai delicious loc din toată țara♥️Avand un stil de viata "pretentios" e dificil sa ma bucur de mese in oraș, dar de fiecare data ajung la București ma bucur de mancare si răsfăț, de oameni si personwl adorabili, doar in acest loc ❤️

Alexandra Zărnoianu
Alexandra Z.

12:30 15 Mar 21

Mananc vegan de mai multi ani, am mâncat și în site țări, am incercat bistro raw & vegan, foarte buna mâncarea, sărmăluțele excelente, mancarea de praz mi-a plăcut mult deasemenea, urmează sa mai incerc si alte produse de pe meniu, la deserturi as mai face îmbunătățiri atat la textura cat si gust, si spun asta ca un feedback pozitiv! Nevertheless recomand!

Alma-Mia Bond
Alma-Mia B.

10:58 15 Jan 21

Am primit livrarea pentru Craciun🥰 in data si intre orele stabilite, ceea ce reprezinta din start jumatate din stelute :)Cat despre produse, fiind prima data cand comand, am ramas impresionata de infatisarea lor, de ambalare. Arata ca in poze. Am gustat doar o bucatica de sarma, crema (icrele) de amaranth, tortul si crackersii. Gust si textura super.Abia astept sa ma rasfat cu toate cele.Sigur voi mai comanda, Imi plac si cum arata, si gusutul, si, de ce sa nu recunoastem, si preturile sunt rezonabile.

Kris Tina
Kris T.

12:17 24 Dec 20

Prajiturile sunt pur si simplu WOW! Intrec cu usurinta prajiturile "clasice" din zahar, nu doar ca sunt sanatoase, dar au si un super gust. Pana si copiii au mancat cu pofta! Multumim ca ne-ati fost alaturi intr-un moment atat de important in viata noastra. Sa o tineti tot asa!

Irina Radulescu
Irina R.

18:47 12 Oct 20

I am fascinated by the food in this restaurant. As a foreigner in Romania I highly recommend the dish "Vegan cabbage rolls with polenta and cashew sour cream". It is a traditional cuisine, but it is vegan and extremely tasty.For dessert I tried their raw cakes. I can say that I have extensive experience with raw desserts and I can confidently say that their desserts occupy top positions in my ranking. You should definitely try them.The owners are two young sisters who are responsive and will be happy to help you choose food from their rich menu.If I were a resident of Bucharest, I would eat there often.

Miroslav Tomov
Miroslav T.

07:24 01 Oct 20

The food is great and the staff is very professional.

Loredana Gheorghe
Loredana G.

12:41 14 Aug 20

Delicioase preparatele voastre! Le recomand și celor care încă consumă carne, lactate, ouă. Foarte gustos, nici nu imi vine sa cred ca nu conțin produse animale. Eu sunt o pofticioasă și destul de pretențioasa la mâncare și nu am niciun reproș. Mâncarea este foarte proaspăta, arată foarte bine, este bună bună! Livrarea făcută la timp, personalul foarte amabil. Felicitări!

Alexandra Radu
Alexandra R.

11:02 18 Apr 20

Am comandat ieri, duminică 5 aprilie, un tort raw vegan pentru sărbătorita familiei.Am apreciat enorm, faptul că in această perioadă dificilă, Bistro Raw Vegan face livrări la domiciliu și duminica.Serviciul cu clienții este ireproșabil! Tortul a fost absolut delicios, ne-a bucurat pe toți (suntem o familie numeroasă :p). Recomandăm cu căldură!

Oana Jindiceanu
Oana J.

09:58 06 Apr 20

The cake was delicious ! Thank you ☺️

Laura Yolanda
Laura Y.

19:17 20 Feb 20

Delicious vibrant food and Yummie cakes!

Martje Witzel
Martje W.

19:04 21 Jan 20

Am fost azi aici pentru prima oara.Atmosfera e super draguta iar mancarea excelenta.Recomand omleta lor vegana din tofu!Am ramas wow cand am gustat!Iar fetele care detin restaurantul sunt foarte dragute.Ca sa nu mai zic de cartile interesante pe care le au pentru clienti.5 stars

Denisa Dumitrascu
Denisa D.

13:07 14 Jan 20

supe foarte bune.dulciuri de vis

Mamica Matei
Mamica M.

20:35 06 Nov 19

🥗🥙 tasty food! Personal amabil

Tina Parocescu
Tina P.

10:27 29 Oct 19

I went there for lunch. First of all they have extremly good drinks. Great smoothies and fresh limonades. And than the food.........I have eaten vegan a few times before, but their dishes and food is the best! Nice spices and great combination, not too salty, not to sweet - it was just perfect!

Sandra Goltz
Sandra G.

15:25 02 Oct 19

Great food! Excellent Sushi and rolls! The desserts have honey in them, besides one awesome cake. So if you avoid honey you should know that!other than that - perfect!

Keren Ben David
Keren Ben D.

16:25 09 Sep 19

Prăjituri delicioase, sigur voi reveni aici! ❤️

Mihaela Ciobanu
Mihaela C.

07:34 31 Aug 19

I've been there twice during my short stay in Bucharest and enjoyed the food really much. The best raw vegan option you can imagine. Very fresh whole unprocessed food. I've tried raw lazania and raw pizza and both were very satisfying. Trully recemmending this place to everybody.

Dorota Żukowska
Dorota Ż.

13:43 26 Aug 19

the food was sooo good. we had coffe (wich was really good), raw balls..we tried all the flavors,(awesome), and then we tried the raw cakes, we had 2 diferent cakes, they were the best raw cakes we had so far. They were creamy and really full of flavours. And the service was really nice:) i really recomend it! 😍

Ada Pogorelčnik
Ada P.

14:26 17 Jul 19

Lovely staff and fantastic food that is beautifully presented and tastes even better than it looks! Had the sushi followed by the goji berry cake and can highly recommend both.

Kimberly Ralph
Kimberly R.

12:09 27 Jun 19

Recomand cu drag, daca doresti sa iti iei o doza de energie,buna dispozitie si armonie.

Cristina Bectaș
Cristina B.

11:45 21 May 19

Recomand cu drag si maxima apreciere! Produsele sunt delicioase, gustoase, sanatoase, dornica sa consum tot ce produceti!

Paula Diaconu
Paula D.

07:22 13 Apr 19

Recomand! Produsele sunt geniale!

Robert Bănică
Robert B.

13:49 03 Apr 19

Great food and a very nice owner!I had the sarmale which was really delicious!

Avi Shainholz
Avi S.

14:49 30 Mar 19

Recomand cu drag! Mancarea exceptionala, sanatate in farfurie.Prajiturile grozav de bune!Felicitari echipei.A+++++++

Cristina Calancea
Cristina C.

19:08 20 Mar 19

Mancare sanatoasa, foarte buna si gustoasa, iar prajiturile atat de delicioase incat categoric trebuie incercate! Recomand cu drag!

Cristiana Chereji
Cristiana C.

14:33 23 Feb 19

I came twice and all dishes was delicious, with lot of flavors!! The cake are raw and without suggar, it's a culinary delight!!In addition, the staff is very kind and friendly.I recommand 100%!Your food is always awesome, ethic and not expensive thank you 🙂

Val Oche
Val O.

12:16 31 Jan 19

An amazing place with incredible fresh vegan food. The owners are incredible hosts. It takes courage to open such a place and there is a lot of hard work behind every single dish. Prices are cheaper compared to other places of its kind in Europe altough in Romania some fruit and vegetables are more expensive than meat or gold almost:-) Cibo sano, eccelente, vegano al prezzo giusto!On mange des choses vegan delicieuses! tres convenables prix aussi!comida vegana eccelente con precios buenos!

Claudia Poncos
Claudia P.

10:58 25 Jan 19

Meniurile din abonament sunt excelente. Mâncarea este suficientă din punct de vedere cantitativ și se simte ca e gătită cu drag, are gust bun. Felul in care ingredientele sunt combinate și calitatea lor fac fiecare fel de mâncare deosebit. Ma simt mai bine mulțumită prânzurilor raw și vegan. Mulțumesc! Recomand!

Catalina Ciobanu
Catalina C.

12:48 24 Jan 19

Mâncare excelentã,atmosferã foarte prietenoasă ,muzicã relaxantã și oameni frumoși!De fiecare dată sunt surpinsă de felurile variate ,colorate si gustoase.Recomand cu drag!❤️🥗

Maria Csendes
Maria C.

14:28 10 Jan 19

M.am indragostit de mancarea lor! <3 personal simpatic, dulciuri uimitoare, un colt de rai

Ștefi Rusu
Ștefi R.

14:16 02 Nov 18

Neasteptat de gustos si sanatos! Asa da. Ma bucur ca am gasit acest bistro. Deserturile sunt cu adevarat creative si exceptional de bune iar mancarea e awesome. Persoanele care detin acest bistro sunt cumsecade si oneste.

Madalina Ada
Madalina A.

02:28 21 Oct 18

Food tastes amazing. Have signed up for daily deliveries and can’t wait to try it when I get home!

Charlotte Alexis Mcmaster
Charlotte Alexis M.

10:09 21 Sep 18


Razvan Petrescu
Razvan P.

17:15 07 Sep 18

We had the most incredible lunch here today! Excellent food and the most beautiful welcoming owners 🙂 with love from Manchester

Amanita Muscaria
Amanita M.

15:47 06 Sep 18

Tasty food and friendly staff; really enjoyed it. Thank you!

Ivana Roberts
Ivana R.

20:26 31 Aug 18

Echipa Bistro raw vegan a furnizat meniurile pentru nunta mea 100% raw vegan si au facut o treaba excelenta. Pe langa faptul ca sunt profesinisti si fac totul cu multa iubire, sunt niste oameni extraordinari. Ii recomand cu tot dragul pentru orice tip de eveniment si nu numai!

Ioana Ciocotișan
Ioana C.

19:38 09 Jul 18

Bună dimineața. V am vizitat pentru prima data, joi 14 iunie. Aveam serbarea la gradinita a băiețelului meu, care are multiple alergii. Am descoperit la dvs un mic "colț de rai" al dulciurilor raw vegane. Am cumpărat o minunată amandina și am primit cadou pt degustare și o felie din curcubeul Amoraws. Absolut delicioaseeee! M ați salvat! Și împreună am reușit să facem fericit un suflet de copil! Cu siguranță vom reveni oricând cu placere! Mulțumim că existați BISTRO RAW VEGAN! 5*

Nae Oana Florentina
Nae Oana F.

05:38 19 Jun 18

Meniul zilei raw vegan! Delicios! Multumim!

Manuela Voicila
Manuela V.

10:15 06 Jun 18

This place it's addictive. Amazing food and really friendly staff.

Laura Bonciu
Laura B.

14:58 05 Jun 18

Food was delicious! Would recommend to anybody! Worth going for the whole day menu to experience all the tastes. Portions are even too big (at least for me if you want to eat normal portions and not overeat). Definitely coming back! ��� also you can see some really beautiful and original artwork on the walls made of grains! ���

Jagoda Yaga Kalinowska
Jagoda Yaga K.

17:57 31 May 18

Sunt putin biased pentru ca le sunt partener (acea Cascara Lemonade din frigider). Roxana si Vilarina au avut grija de foamea mea de doua ori. Pentru un carnivor innascut a fost impresionant de gustos si bonus - usor.

Cosmin Mihai Pasnicu
Cosmin Mihai P.

08:30 25 May 18

Very good! I tried it for the first time last week. Definitely I will return for some more delicious dishes!

Vera Gabriela Ocnaru
Vera Gabriela O.

15:57 23 May 18

Produse exceptionale. Servicii perfecte. Super calitate. Toate recomandarile !

Nicu Pascanu
Nicu P.

06:25 12 May 18


Anna Maria Ionescu
Anna Maria I.

07:27 04 May 18

Prajiturile mele preferate raw vegane le gasesc aici. Recomand aceasta locatie pentru preparatele delicioase dar si pentru profesionalismul proprietarilor care pun pasiune pentru ceea ce fac! ���

Octavian Alupoaie
Octavian A.

10:51 26 Apr 18

Am cumpărat tort de caramel și amoraws. Delicioase amândouă!!! Recomand din tot sufletul!! Foarte bune!!!

Cristina Ana Miloiu
Cristina Ana M.

13:58 03 Apr 18

Foarte bune trufele cu ciocolata și fistic-cand le mănânci se simt toate aromele și am mai încercat tortul cu ciocolata,vanilie și caramel nemaipomenit! Recomand sa le încercați! Succes în continuare!

Sabina Chetan
Sabina C.

06:17 01 Apr 18

Foarte gustoase. Am cumparat tortul mix si inca nu m-am decis care a fost felia cu cea mai buna aroma. Felicitari!

Cristina Marioara
Cristina M.

09:09 20 Mar 18

Delicious, healthy, fresh, good looking, wide variety, fair prices!

Raluca Ioana Rizac
Raluca Ioana R.

13:53 24 Feb 18

Cele mai yummy prajituri raw ever, trufe delicioase, paste vegetale de tot felul cu gust genial 😀

Olivia Preoteasa
Olivia P.

22:08 22 Feb 18

Super super super bun! Prompti, intelegatori si dedicati 500%! Recomand cu mare drag (mai ales deserturile!!!)

Maria Pitigoi
Maria P.

10:28 07 Feb 18

Am incercat preparatele pentru prima data. Toate au fost la superlativ (cateva platouri si un tort de ciocolata cu lamaie ). Livrarea a fost fix la ora anuntata. Felicitari pentru calitate si promptitudine

Mut Calin
Mut C.

12:48 08 Nov 17

Torturile și supele creme sunt delir . Recomand cu încredere �

CrisTina Botosanu
CrisTina B.

13:47 25 Oct 17

Food for the soul, not only for a healthy body. You can tell they really love what they're doing.One of those places you wish it never changes ❤️

Roxana Coman
Roxana C.

06:50 08 Oct 17


Lili Ana
Lili A.

18:18 18 Sep 17

Bistro Raw Vegan este locul ideal de unde poti cumpara o mancare foarte gustoasa cu un aspect atractiv chiar si pentru cei mai pretentiosi. Odata ce ai gustat din preparatele raw vegane vei dori sa revii. Succes in continuare!

Cristina Mkr
Cristina M.

08:34 11 Sep 17

Foarte bune, satioase si fresh toate preparatele. Supa crema de broccoli a fost pe gustul meu! Poate fi preparata cu mai putin ardei iute, avand optiunea de a trimite un supliment la pachetel pentru doritorii de spicy. Tortul a fost vedeta pranzului copios!Rasfat total! 🙂

Roxana Caprioara
Roxana C.

16:01 23 Aug 17

M-am abonat acum 33 saptamani ( da, imi notez 🙂 si de fiecare data cand primesc meniul, il astept cu nerabdare si curiozitate. Parca as deschide un loz in plic in fiecare dimineata! Sunteti minunati, creativi, neastamparati. Mi-a pus ordine in viata acest abonament si bineinteles mi-a reglat dieta! Va recomand cu dragoste!

Carla Szabo
Carla S.

14:18 04 Aug 17

E tare buna mancarea, sunt foarte prompti si stau mereu in contact cu clientul. Creaza astfel o legatura placuta si fireasca. Ai senzatia ca ti-ai sunat verisoara favorita sa-ti faca ceva bun de mancare.�

Emilian Pintea
Emilian P.

15:07 29 May 17

Azi, am incercat pentru prima data deserturile Bistro Raw Vegan si va pot spune ca sunt senzational de buneeeeee... abia astept urmatoarea comanda. <3felicitari pentru ceea ce faceti! :)

Amalia Necula
Amalia N.

13:04 05 Apr 17

Cea mai sănătoasa mâncare si gustoasa!stilul meu preferat de viața!!

Andreea Roz
Andreea R.

19:32 01 Aug 16


Marius Pituru
Marius P.

13:02 14 Jun 16

Am călătorit de la Timişoara la Bucuresti în interes de serviciu şi cum sunt lacto-vegetarian m-am bucurat foarte mult că am putut să mănânc chiar şi raw-vegan uneori, foarte aproape de locul de muncă. Felicitări pentru astfel de inițiative oamenilor precum doamna Roxana Petre si mult spor în continuare!

Slavita Momir
Slavita M.

15:28 16 May 16

Brilliant ! When your meal is both tasty and healthy you totally got the big ticket . I have to admit I'm not a vegan but it doesn't matter because a good tasty nutrition is the key that avoid lots of diseases and brings only benefits that's why when you have such restaurant in town , most likely near you , you should totally try it . The only 'minus 'point is the fact that is only for delivery , I would love to eat there but maybe in the future you will expand . I would sure come back and try more tasty recipes . I think is no need to say that everything looks great . Btw I ate this Friday menu : Tomato soup with basil; rice with lentil and avocado dressing + wholemeal bread and as a desert : forest fruits cake . Absolutely delicious.

Simona Macovei
Simona M.

16:02 26 Feb 16

Azi am reușit în sfârșit sa degust prăjiturile Bistro Raw Vegan, business - ul prietenei mele. Am mâncat 5 mini prăjiturele demențial de bune ai sățioase. Vedeta este tortul Amoraws care mi s-a părut incredibil de delicioasa, tiramisu este cel mai bun pe care l-am mâncat vreodată. Tortul mac și lămâie are o savoare unica, cel cu cacao și menta te răcorește, iar amandina te amețește plăcut cu acea aroma de rom :)) yamiii. Merita sa le încercați.

Ana Laura
Ana L.

20:50 23 Dec 15

You can't go wrong on the menu. I've had the cakes - delicious chocolate cake - dips and sushi and they're all sensational. Food that tastes wonderful and best of all is cruelty-free. Food that doesn't hang on your conscience. Food that doesn't scream. The prices are attractive too. Get onto these guys - they're new and they're obviously going places.

Andrew Begg
Andrew B.

17:26 06 Dec 15