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Shipping costs
We delivery in all the Bucharest areas.

We have a friendly system that checks how close you are to our location. After you enter your delivery address, the system calculate which is the minimum order and the transport fee for your location.

The transport cost is variable depending of your location;

-till 3 km – 6 lei;

-between 3 - 4,5 km – 10 lei;

- between 4,5 km - 8 km – 16 lei;

- between 8 km -10 km - 20 lei;

- between 10 km -14 km - 25 lei;

- between 14 km – the limit of Bucharest – 28 lei

- surrounding Bucharest 1 lei per km - 30 lei;

In case you are not in our delivery area, you can place the order and take it from our location.

About Orders

Please place the order online.

You can send order without create an account.

The minimum order is 70 lei or 80 lei or 100 lei depend on your location address and we pursed the transport cost.

We delivery also around Bucharest, the minimum order is 150 lei and the delivery tax is 30 lei. Delivery hours: 14:00-17:30. Please call us on the phone number 0726.605.501 to place the order.

You can verify which is the minimum order and the tax transport if you introduce your address in the above map.

For orders under 65 lei, please pick up from our location.

You can send us orders with take away from our location without having an minimum order.

After you place the order, you will receive on your e-mail a confirmation of your order. If you will not receive, please check to spam folder or call us on the phone number 0726.605.501.

The orders will be delivery in an optimal time after you place the order. We prepare the food fresh immediately we received the order from you.

All the orders received after the order program, will be processed on the next day.

You can send us the orders with 1,2,3 days in advance, we have a calendar at the end of the orders where you can choose the delivery date..

The orders can be paid: online on the site, cash on delivery, by card or cash in our location.


Order hours with delivery in the same day

  • MONDAY-FRIDAY: 11:00 - 16:00
  • SATURDAY: 11:00 - 15:00

Bistro open hours

  • MONDAY-FRIDAY: 11:00 - 19:00
  • SATURDAY: 11:00 - 16:00

For more details call us at the below phone numbers:

  • Orders info: (0726) 605 501
  • Subscriptions info: (0726) 605 501
  • Email: