Amandina Cake – raw – (from 1,2 kg)

cashews, natural cocoa, almonds, dates, cocoa butter, vanilla, alkaline cocoa, psyllium, coffee, sweetened to your choice with: unfiltered honey / agave bio syrup , gluten free, sugar free, lactose free, click on photo for details

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    • 200 lei

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Please place your order according to the following program:

DELIVERY DAY: Monday     – ORDER RECEIVED Friday till 12 :00 
DELIVERY DAY: Tuesday    – ORDER RECEIVED Monday till 12:00
DELIVERY DAY: Wednesday  – ORDER RECEIVED Tuesday till 12:00
DELIVERY DAY: Thursday – ORDER RECEIVED Wednesday till 12:00

DELIVERY DAY: Friday  – ORDER RECEIVED Thursday till 12:00
DELIVERY DAY: Saturday     – ORDER RECEIVED Thursday till 12:00

If you aren’t in the program please call us at the phone number 0726.605.501 and we will solve it, we have all the time cakes on stock. 🙂

CUSTOM CAKE gluten free, 100 % natural, no thermic preparation, raw vegan cakes, no milk, no sugar added.

The raw cakes are made only from natural ingredients, we are cooking cream by cream and they are staying overnight in the form on the freeze.

No add: sugar, animal ingredients, flour, milk, artificial essences, additives, flavor enhancers, preservatives.

Please note that: Our cakes have to be kept in the freezer, in order to make sure they keep their texture and all the nutrients intact, the expiration date is for 30 days in the freeze and for 3 days in the fridge. Before you eat them, we recommend you to keep them at room temperature minimum 1 -2 hours, before eating – so you can fully enjoy them at their best.

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